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Reichhold REACH
What has Reichhold in the EU done to prepare for REACH?

Reichhold's EU affiliates are committed to the goals of REACH and aim to implement the regulation in a cost effective manner with minimal impact to their European customers. We formed a REACH Implementation Team in early 2007 to understand and facilitate compliance with the new requirements. Most of the products manufactured and sold by Reichhold's EU affiliates are polymers (exempt form REACH registration) or polymer preparations composed of multiple monomers and other substances. As a European polymer producer, we are primarily a downstream user of substances in the EU. Our first priority is to ensure continuity up and down our European supply chain. We shall remain in regular dialogue with our suppliers as the final registration deadline of 2018 approaches to ensure that we have fully REACH compliant supply chain established for all our raw materials.

We have several vinyl ester resin products that contain No-Longer Polymers and Reichhold UK has already REACH registered these NLP substances as part of a consortia.

We do not anticipate any change in our European product portfolio as result of REACH. If suppliers inform us that they, or their upstream suppliers, will not register a substance, we will work with our Purchasing and Technical organizations to make every effort to find acceptable alternate suppliers or acceptable alternative raw materials.

Reichhold has robust chemical management programs in place to review new products, new raw materials, and revised product formulations prior to first manufacture or use.

We monitor the ECHA registry of intentions, Candidate List of SVHC, and authorization process closely.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for most European products are available on our Internet site. The SDS will be the main tool for communicating hazard information, risk management measures, and exposure scenarios with our European customers as various provisions of REACH are implemented. Customers should follow our advice on measures to control risks and inform Reichhold of their uses and any new hazards so this information can be communicated up the supply chain.

Notwithstanding the above, Reichhold's EU affiliates reserve the right to take whatever action they deem appropriate regarding their products, including, but not limited to, withdrawing a product from the market, terminating a pre-registration or registration, or excluding a particular use in a substance's registration dossier. Each Reichhold EU affiliate will take reasonable steps to inform its direct customers within the EU should it choose to withdraw a product from the EU market.

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